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[APD] Re: H3PO4

>The impression is that this alga is 'normal' in planted tanks. I don't think so.

Well they are.
But.....we should strive to get rid of them in a ecosystem approach, one that is least environmentally impacting the critters. The best way to do that is focus on the base of most all ecosystems, the primary producers.

My approach and others is allowing nature to simply do it's thing at different rates.....

>I'm not going to go into how I found it out, but here is a simple and sure solution
>to the problem. There may be others but this works. All that is needed is a 1 or
>5ml syringe and concentrated phosphoric acid (From Lab or horticultural suppliers).
>Slowly release 1 ml of acid exactly over the leaf to be treated. The algae will 
>visibly turn from green->olive->brown as the acid is released. Move the syringe
>over the leaves, 1 ml should be enough for two to four ' nana' leaves or one large
>'barteri' leaf. I only use 1 ml per day per 200L water. The pH or the fish are not
>effected in the least. However the Phosphate content will be increased to way over
>the recommend fertilisation requirements, but I have not found this to effect anything.
>The greenspot is dead and dissapears in 3 to 4 days but the leaves are not effected
>and look great without the algae. The greenspot will NOT grow back if conditions
>are right. I made sure this works before writing here.

The high PO4 alone will get rid of Green spot as I've suggested for a number of years now. 
If folks read the nitrogen article I wrote some weeks ago in TAG, they will get a huge dose of each nutrient every month in the Barr Report. PO4 is going to be on there for Feb. This will be discussed in depth.

Tom Barr


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