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[APD] Re: Algae spores

Richard (and Andrew...below my comment to Richard),

In regards to "cosmopolitan", the way Tom uses it is in keeping with standard biological terminology.  It basically means an organism that is found worldwide on most continents and spans many climates, usually from temperate to tropical.  

As for this topic in general, I just wanted to be clear that I'm not arguing against the idea that a lot of the algae introductions into our tanks are due to our introducing them directly (even if unintentionally).  I think best way to minimize algae is by having good tank conditions and keeping algae introductions to a minimum.  All I meant to say was blanket statements can't be made about how algae or any other organisms as a group operate.  


The bacteria in space came from right here on earth.  They were on the satalites (or whatever else) at the time of launch and just hung on for the ride.  There is also a theory that bacteria are being blown into space all the time because they (the really tough ones) float around in the breeze and get carried into the upper atmosphere.  If they get high enough the solar winds will push them away from our planet.  The chances of those guys ever coming back to life (out of the resting or spore state) is slim since they would need to land somewhere (a major obstacle in and of itself) with a suitable habitat for life.


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