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Re: [APD] Re: algae spores

>I think folks arer assuming a lot about the spores of green algae and also
the potential for them coming in from things other than the air from
outside. Tracing the path would be difficult and rather tough to say.

Nah, it's an all FS water.

>FYI, most all FW algae are cosmopolitian, except desmids.

Nah, they're rural too. I've got a couple still. WTF does that mean Tom.

The snot algae seems to become green thread algae or perhaps it's just
coincidence they're always together.

The point I was trying to make earleir about bacteria and algae is the
non-plant algaes are very sensitive to H202 and seem to be able to permeate
a plants tissues like, well, a bacterial infection. And must be treated
as such - wash your hands welll, strilze nets, etc.

Toms (Duplas? :-) mthos does indeed keep it under control very well BUT
if I give a plant to somebody I don't want a sprwaling black hary
mass to evolve from it; I want it eradicated not controlled.

On the H202 front - 2cc/gal for three days seems to systematically
eradicate bacterial algaeas and hurts nothing else. But that's in
one of my tanks that's fairly bare - any other tank may react
differently depending on how much organix matter there is to 
break up the hH202. Be careful! Certianly you would want to run a
diamtom when you're doing this as it breaks up every little piece of
crap eevrywhere and makes it float. Then you have the ammonia spike
from all the dead algae - ammocarb fixes this. 

If you just have small bits and pieces this will eradicate it. But
whet you may find is, oh, say one lousy crypt leaf at the back
thick with the stuff. You need to dose that directly with 5cc
4 x a day for one day to kill it (and leave the leav unharmed)
THEN dose the tank again and it will be eradicated.


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