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[APD] Re: snot in a bottle

Michael McGrath wrote:

> >I made a 400 ml solution of Plantex and when I dose it I can see
> >a few gobs of what looks like snot.  I'm still using it and I have not
> >any problems with the plants but was curious what this is or if someone
> >had a similar experience.

Yes I have with a dry micro nutrient called "NutriSi" and it's composition
is almost exactly the same as CSM+B.

I also wonder what these small blobs are? I can take a picture and
post it later.

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

> Yup, same here. Identical. I let it grow till it about stopped,
> cut away heavily infested plants (and rehabilitated them),
> diatomed the tank and it hasn't come back. I thought I had
> a pic but I can't find it.
> Snow algae is a very appropriate name. Mine was bright bright
> green, as in irish spring soap package green.

I don't know if I missed something in Michael's post but I
think he was talking about snot in the bottle, not in the
aquarium 8)

// Daniel.
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