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[APD] Plantex CSM+B snot in a bottle

Okay snot may not be the correct word and no it's not the newest Xmas gift
for the kids. A few weeks ago I made the switch from bottled ferts to dry
chems which I bought from Greg Watson (fast shipping and packaged great
too!)Anyway I made a 400 ml solution of Plantex and when I dose it I can see
a few gobs of what looks like snot.  I'm still using it and I have not seen
any problems with the plants but was curious what this is or if someone has
had a similar experience.

I do not see anything similar with my standard, NO3 free or PO4 free macro
solutions. I imagine it might be some of the micros reacting or something
like that. When I look at the bottle with a flash light behind it I can
similar blobs in there. So it is taking place in the bottle. Just curious

Anyway thanks in advance.


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