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Re: [APD] Barr Report

Sounds excellent, Tom!

Scott H.
--- Thomas  Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

> I am planning on the first active article to be posted on
> the Barr Report coming up on Jan 2nd.
> Folks can register and sign up now. I am still adding to
> the site and will have a large amount of references for
> folks wanting more information on aquatic plants, algae
> and related information. 
> Yes, I'm finally having to charge something to pay for
> the site etc, I weighed this with selling a variety of
> snake oils, secret substrates but I figure I've saved
> many folks potentially 100$ or more on test kits, RO,
> cables, miracle cures, fertilizers over the years for
> free.... so 12.95$ ain't bad for a years worth of
> organized information. 
> I'm saving a few trees, reducing cost for everyone by
> sending it out on line also, not to mention there are no
> mailing or delivery problems and folks in Europe, Asia,
> Africa, SA, AU and NA all get the articles in a timely
> fashion and can save it or print it out. There will also
> be some user feedback on the articles.   
> The site will build and have more things as time allows.
> Research presented and sreferences will be very
> current/up to date. 
> I, of course, will have an entire article devoted to each
> nutrient involving all the gory details that folks seem
> to relish. There will be practical matters discussed and
> selected past post that will be edited making a search
> much easier.
> I will have some very good DIY projects listed and
> photographed/drawn. There is also a revised updated
> version of the Estimative Index. Registered users will
> essentially have a role and a preview in the formation of
> a book long before it hits the shelf. The site also have
> a translation engine for several languages. I will try to
> get other languages up for that as well. The site will
> have a blog page for references I think are thought
> provoking and relevant to aquatic plants and algae along
> with my "missives". The site will deal with CO2, marine,
> pond, natural and non CO2 systems.   
> http://www.BarrReport.com 

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