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[APD] Barr Report

I am planning on the first active article to be posted on the Barr Report coming up on Jan 2nd.
Folks can register and sign up now. I am still adding to the site and will have a large amount of references for folks wanting more information on aquatic plants, algae and related information. 

Yes, I'm finally having to charge something to pay for the site etc, I weighed this with selling a variety of snake oils, secret substrates but I figure I've saved many folks potentially 100$ or more on test kits, RO, cables, miracle cures, fertilizers over the years for free.... so 12.95$ ain't bad for a years worth of organized information. 

I'm saving a few trees, reducing cost for everyone by sending it out on line also, not to mention there are no mailing or delivery problems and folks in Europe, Asia, Africa, SA, AU and NA all get the articles in a timely fashion and can save it or print it out. There will also be some user feedback on the articles.   
The site will build and have more things as time allows. Research presented and sreferences will be very current/up to date. 

I, of course, will have an entire article devoted to each nutrient involving all the gory details that folks seem to relish. There will be practical matters discussed and selected past post that will be edited making a search much easier.

I will have some very good DIY projects listed and photographed/drawn. There is also a revised updated version of the Estimative Index. Registered users will essentially have a role and a preview in the formation of a book long before it hits the shelf. The site also have a translation engine for several languages. I will try to get other languages up for that as well. The site will have a blog page for references I think are thought provoking and relevant to aquatic plants and algae along with my "missives". The site will deal with CO2, marine, pond, natural and non CO2 systems.   


Tom Barr

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