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[APD] RE: Algae spores

Bill D wrote:
> Is it possible that tiny desiccated pieces
> [of filament algae] could be spread by the
> wind and start to grow when they encounter
> a suitable habitat?

Its within the realm of possibility but not likely. More likely animals
(or humans) are involved when filament algae move from one isolated
habitat to another. There is no wind in the aquarium room and we
shouldn't keep items around with dried algae on them next to fans. Its
also wise to keep pelicans out of the fish room! ;-)

Its far more likely that we spread algae of all kinds from aquarium to
aquarium on our equipment, with the fish or by splashing small droplets.
That's why I always use glass covers if I can.

Fungi are terrestrial creatures and have evolved to spread in that

There are TONS of plants that have evolved strategies to spread via
animal agents, for example: burrs, fruits...


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