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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Questions

What if you want 30 not 8? Can I use an ABS plenum, pressurize it to, say,
then just bleed straight off that into tha tanks? (Like I do with air pumps)

Yes, you can do that. Remember that you're probably not going to have the same volume of gas going through your CO2 manifold as you have going through your air manifold, so you can get away with smaller tubing and not loose much performance. Personally, I would use copper refrigeration tubing and fittings (it's like copper water pipe for dollhouses -- all the same fittings and valves, but in sizes like 1/4" and 3/8"). The copper tubing is a *lot* more work to use, but it gives a very nice permanent installation, does not degrade over time, and looses no CO2 from diffusion (which is of minimal concern due to CO2's low cost, but some people worry about it). I have also used 1/4" LDPE tubing for long runs with good results, and that tubing is cheap and easy to work with. 500' was about $15-20 or so.

You'll probably want separate needle valves for each tank so that you have some independent flow control for each tank. I suppose you could use one valve at the beginning, but you'd then have the same kinds of balance problems multi-tank air systems have, but in this case the imbalance between tanks would result in water chemistry problems.

It would be worth pointing out that if you use a common filtration system, the multi-tank CO2 distribution problem is moot -- one injection point would feed the whole system.


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