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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Questions

At 09:04 AM 12/14/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>At 07:05 12/14/2004, Richard Sexton asked:
>>What if you want 30 not 8? Can I use an ABS plenum, pressurize it to, say,
>>then just bleed straight off that into tha tanks? (Like I do with air pumps)
>If I wanted to run a large number of tanks, I would use a cheaper 
>trimmer.   You can buy (from American Science Surplus???(name?)) some pinch 
>clamps for about $1 each that would do the job OK.  They would not give you 
>the precise control of a good needle valve and they would drift over time 
>as the hose flattened, but with 30 tanks you have nearly a full time job 
>anyway.   And you need a spool of good hose (250'?) and a bag of good tee 
>connectors (Value Plastics, $25). 

WHat I do for air right now is gang about 4 Optimas into a foot
long plenum in the basement then run 4 lengths of airline tubing to 
the main plenum under the tanks. That is a big piece of ABS that had
holes drilled and solid tubing cmeneted in. Onto each of those
goes a short piece of airline tubing, then a brass valve then into
the tank.

That ought to work for CO2 as well is another was built just
for it, right? If not, it would be easier just to put them
on a common recirulating system.

30 is just what I have now. I still have the rest of my tanks
in the barn.


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