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[APD] Re: CO2 Questions

At 07:05 12/14/2004, Richard Sexton asked:

What if you want 30 not 8? Can I use an ABS plenum, pressurize it to, say,
then just bleed straight off that into tha tanks? (Like I do with air pumps)

If I wanted to run a large number of tanks, I would use a cheaper trimmer. You can buy (from American Science Surplus???(name?)) some pinch clamps for about $1 each that would do the job OK. They would not give you the precise control of a good needle valve and they would drift over time as the hose flattened, but with 30 tanks you have nearly a full time job anyway. And you need a spool of good hose (250'?) and a bag of good tee connectors (Value Plastics, $25).

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