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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Questions

>If you want to run 8 aquaria, I suggest you get:
>1.  A filled cylinder, probably 20# size
>2.  A regulator and master needle valve to complete pressure management
>3.  A package of 8 trimmer needle valves (to complete individual flow 
>management) and diffusors
>The cylinder should come from your favorite LOCAL gas supplier (they will 
>refill it for you when it runs out).  The regulator can be bought from a 
>refrigeration supply company ( their usual customers are refrigerator 
>repair guys) or a bar supply company.  You should look for a two gauge 
>model with a 30psi (max.) output gauge.  They will cost about $30-40.   The 
>needle valves and diffusors are available from me at $50 for one valve and 
>one diffusor, or $200 for 6 valves and diffusors.
>Good luck. 

What if you want 30 not 8? Can I use an ABS plenum, pressurize it to, say,
then just bleed straight off that into tha tanks? (Like I do with air pumps)


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