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[APD] Re: CO2 Questions

At 18:56 12/13/2004, you wrote:
. I'll be running 4 tanks the "Barr Way", and 4 tanks the "Lazy Ass" way.
Since the "Lazy Ass" way never included larnin' 'bout nuttin' complicated I'm struggling to make sure I properly understand how this C02 stuff works....they list a product called, "Complete C02 system w pH controller". If I understand things correctly, all I need is this system and a CO2 cylinder, and perhaps some airline to run the CO2 from the regulator to the tank. Am I missing anything?

If you want to run 8 aquaria, I suggest you get:
1. A filled cylinder, probably 20# size
2. A regulator and master needle valve to complete pressure management
3. A package of 8 trimmer needle valves (to complete individual flow management) and diffusors

The cylinder should come from your favorite LOCAL gas supplier (they will refill it for you when it runs out). The regulator can be bought from a refrigeration supply company ( their usual customers are refrigerator repair guys) or a bar supply company. You should look for a two gauge model with a 30psi (max.) output gauge. They will cost about $30-40. The needle valves and diffusors are available from me at $50 for one valve and one diffusor, or $200 for 6 valves and diffusors.

Good luck.

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