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[APD] Re: Substrates

SH: "And what are the published constituents and research on laterite?"

RJS: "The Dupla book? That's where I looked and found it when I head about it on the net in the mid to late 80s."

At least they *tried* to come up with some rationale for their system. At the very least the concept of CEC sites seems to have held water all this time. And since laterite is inert it doesn't do any harm, so at worst it's an expensive colorant.

TB: "When asked this question directly Amano replied about power sand's contents" It has power". So now you know, it is has "power" in it:"

Can he dodge bullets?

TB: "here in the USA, SeaChem developed the use of flourite. Not that much in either, but its porous nature helps cycle and reduce some nutrients effectively."

But if everything can and should be dosed in the water column, as you've said many times, why does this matter at all? With water column dosing, the substrate becomes a fancy plant holder which, to me, should not contribute anything to the equation, especially anything unknown.

TB: "While we might get all ticked about someone not telling what is in it, you might want to take a step back and ask why wouldn't they say, and what good
would it really do you?"

If it affects the water chemistry in a way that makes the KH table unusable for example, that would be good to know.

TB: "half baked, etc."

Double meaning there, and I doubt they can really get anything 'half baked' anyway (beyond their 'power' science). It's sorta like being 'half pregnant' isn't it?

Anyway, I was just using up my snark allowance for the week.


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