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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 16, Issue 35

>Not picking on just ADA, but it seems insulting in this day and age that
ingredients are not disclosed along with some supporting research to
demonstrate how the 
>product works. And, without knowing how a product affects the water
chemistry/test kit results one cannot always reliably manage other inputs.
I understand the 
>attraction of playing with mud. I've done it myself. But it's hard to beat
the reliability of the old plain gravel with a bit of laterite substrate.
Without cables, of course. :-P


 When asked this question directly Amano replied about power sand's
contents" It has power".
So now you know, it is has "power" in it:-)

That's about all you'll get from him. He has a business and is not going to
tell what is in there..but Florabase I will tell you is extremely similar.
I do not care for either personally but I also don't sell it.C ompared to
sand/laterite mixes and other old school substrates, he came up with this
and latched on to it, here in the USA, SeaChem developed the use of
flourite. Not that much in either, but its porous nature helps cycle and
reduce some nutrients effectively. 

While we might get all ticked about someone not telling what is in it, you
might want to take a step back and ask why wouldn't they say, and what good
would it really do you? Besides traces, what else could there be that would
help plants grow better?
Macro nutrients, CO2 to some degree but not much relative to plant CO2
Macros and CO2 will be used up in a very short time peroid. 

Then you are left with not much.......and mush. 
I thought this through, I start with something that will last forever
pretty much, dope it with some mulm to add what is in an established well
aged substrate and peat(which ADA uses in their bases).
The only thing lacking are some macro nutrients.
I've very picky about my nutrients though. I have certain criteria I want
for a macro substrate enrichment. 
But other folks can add soil balls/KNO3/KH2PO4 clay, cat litter soaked in
stuff/1/2 baked etc. 
Tom Barr  

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