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Re: [APD] SilenX Fans/Radiator Cooler

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> Thanks Scott,
> So....do these fans suck, or just blow?

I'm thinking they are Panaflo-manufactured fans. Someone
had suggested that they were Adda's but I'm pretty sure
that's not the case.

Either of those are good fan makers.

I belive these use hydro bearings. These are less expensive
to make than ball  bearing fans but are supposed to be
longer lived than regular sleeve-bearing fans. However, the
advantages of the hydro-bearing design only come into play
and high fans speeds. The lubricant is possibly a
ferro-fluid, such as is used in the voice coil gap in some
drivers in loudspeaker systems.

I wouldn't assume that they are not good fans -- but I am
again suspicious that the ratings are optimistic.

> I can't remember how I came across their site, I know
> searching 
> for exotic terms like "quiet fans" didn't work. The
> package 
> actually says 'iXtrema' but the hub of the fan has a
> 'SilenX' 
> sticker on it. Ah well, let the buyer beware.
> On a side note, I've been pondering the marketability of
> a 
> radiator add-on cooler similar to the one I've just
> installed. A 
> speaker cabinet with the aluminum radiator in place of
> the 
> speaker, and a fan on top would work and look nice too.
> Couldn't 
> sell aluminum to the reef folks though, and they seem to
> be the 
> ones with all the disposable income.

Oh heck, I have a hard enough time figuring out where to
put my loudspeakers with speakers in them. But a smaller
version of the design you are talking about is sometimes
done with peltier devices in stead of radiatiors.

Good luck,
Scott H.

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