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[APD] Re: CO2 diffusion

thanks scott
BTW tank is a 135g and yes CO2 is off when the lights are off.
i cant locate the name of the chemist at the area water company. The  g
entleman had an Oriental surname and has a lot of layers between the person who  
answers the phone and his desk!  I spoke with 4 different people, always  asking 
the same question 'How can Kh and Gh be so low and the pH be so high?'  before 
they put me through to him. He said that the water source was essentially  
runoff and was slightly acidic and had to be treated to a high pH to  insure  no 
lead being leached. 
Tank is in a bit of a change since i added 8 silver dollar sized discus to  
the tank and have been feeding a little bit heavier. Total fish population  
before was 75 Cardinal Tetras, 6 Florida flagfish and a couple of albino  
bristlenose cats.
will reduce CO2 by 50% and see how the plants respond.
rich green 
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