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[APD] Re: divider instead of rubber baseboard


Many items meant for household use have chemicals in them for mildew, mold, 
bacteria, etc poisons.  You could check with the manufacturer as to the specs.  
You could get a curved piece of acrylic or plexi made, but that would be 
pricey.  If you can work with fibreglass cloth and resin, that might work.  Again 
check to see if it has any poisons added.

If I had to do it, I probably would make the dam out of a bunch of acrylic 
pieces about an inch or two wide and as high as the dam was going to be. I would 
the attach the together with clear aquarium cement in the shape I wanted.  
The curved dam would be a lot of little flat sections, but it would be a 
relatively cheap way to do it.

Just a few things to think about - I have never made one.  Jusy my .02 wor.  
Good luck on your project,  Carol
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