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Re: [APD] Re:CO2 diffusor

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> 1. the numbers for the KH and GH were accurate, I thought
> they were off to  
> begin with but 2 test kits, a trip with sample water to
> the LFS, a free 
> analylis  from a co. that installs water treatment
> systems in the home and the call 
> to the  water department ( i didn't believe the numbers
> either!!) all came up 
> with  the same numbers (although one guy did have a KH of
> 2 on day).

I'd like to know what's happening to the carbonate the
water delverer is adding to the water and why the pH stays
high with virtually no GH or KH. Time for a chemist to step

> 3. Is the rate of CO2 usually much lower? Is bubbles/sec
> not the usual  
> denominator? 

A steady 5 bubbles per second (300 per min) would be an
extraoridinary rate for a 30 gallon aquarium. NOt so weird
for 250g tank. 

"Bubbles per second" is fine for nomenclature but a pita to
actually use for counting.  Counting bubbles per 15, 30 or
60 seconds is much easier and tends to be more accurate,
especially at rates of more than one bubble second. Since I
don't count per second, I usually express bubble rates per
minute -- but one can convert rates into whatever time
ratio is pleasing.
> BTW pH early am before lights go on is usually around 7.4
> to 7.6 with  midday 
> running 6.6 to 6.8. 

WEll, at least you know you are getting CO2 into the water.
Since the pH drops further by midday than it does
overnight, I assume you are not running the CO2 ant night. 
Maybe you already mentioned this.

If your pH is that high and your KH is les than 1 degree,
then you can't use the CO2/KH/pH table to determine CO2
levels. Something besides carbonates is pushing the pH

Scott H.

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