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[APD] Re: Rubber baseboard in tank

One idea is to use that rubber baseboard stuff you can buy at Home Depot. I
looked at it today and noticed it was all colored somehow. So I have two

1. Would it deteriorate over time?

Yes, it will get hard and crack. It will probably also leach things into the water as it deteriorates. I wouldn't use it in a tank myself.

2. Would it contaminate the water in some way, making it dangerous for the

Most likely, although I can't say I've tried it. It is best to only use FDA approved materials in a tank (FDA approved for food service use), as these materials won't leach toxic substances.

Anyone have any ideas on this? Perhaps something already exists to handle
this problem and I've just never found it in my searches. Hmf.

Better solution: use pieces of LDPE or HDPE (Low or High Density Polyethylene, respectively). The material is *very* inexpensive -- cheaper even than acrylic, and can be formed into shape BY HAND WITHOUT HEAT in the thinner sizes. It is durable, not brittle, and rigid enough to make a great barrier in a substrate. You can even get it in black (UV resistant) if you want.

I would suggest you get some strips of 1/16" thick LDPE from a plastics supply place. I have had good luck with http://www.usplastics.com They list a 1/16" thick 24" x 48" sheet of LDPE at $6.97, and the same size in HDPE is $5.64 (either should work for your application). You can cut the thin sheets with tin snips or even durable scissors (it will help if they have serrations). If you have a paper cutter that should work really well since the material is soft enough to be cut with one.

All you need to do is cut strips in the size you need, then stick them in the substrate. If you bend the sheet sharply over a form (like the edge of a table), it will hold the bend a little and make it easier to keep a sharp bend with minimal support. The material is FDA approved, inexpensive, and easy to work with and has ideal properties for your application.


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