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[APD] Rubber baseboard in tank

Weird idea.

I've been trying to think of some sort of flexible material to place in the
substrate upon initial setup of a new tank designed to act as a corral or
BLOCKER for runner plants. If I can create a dynamic "great wall of china"
shape in the substrate, I should be able to keep the runners from going
where I don't want them and disrupting the rest of my setup.

One idea is to use that rubber baseboard stuff you can buy at Home Depot. I
looked at it today and noticed it was all colored somehow. So I have two

1. Would it deteriorate over time?
2. Would it contaminate the water in some way, making it dangerous for the

Anyone have any ideas on this? Perhaps something already exists to handle
this problem and I've just never found it in my searches. Hmf.


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