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[APD] Diffusing CO2

Question 1. Has anyone experienced problems with running their CO2  through 
their canister filter? i.e. having the motor burn up because of a loss  of 
siphon I guess due to a gas blockage?
i have been advised that with the water conditions in Milton MA coming out  
of the tap at KH<1 GH<1 pH 9.0 to 9.4 (BTW i verified this with a chemist  at 
the water department and was told they add Sodium Carbonate (not  bicarbonate) 
to raise pH above 9 to reduce risk of old lead pipes in some of the  older 
homes leaching out lead) that I might need to run 4 to 5 bubbles/sec  on the CO2. 
When I did this I had an Eheim Professional 2 motor burnout (unit  < 2 years 
old). A few months later I had the occasion to pick up a Fluval 204  at a low 
cost and decided to just try again. After two weeks everything is fine  with 
the filter and I have noticed that there are NO Visable Bubbles coming out  of 
the exhaust line. Before, the diffuser I was using had a pretty good  
discharge of visible gas going to the top. Wasted gas?
Question 2. Wouldn't the efficiency of the diffusion significantly affect  
the needed rate of injection?
rich green in miserable wet cold nasty milton,  mass
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