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[APD] Some comments on K+

While many are convinced there is an issue with K+, this was never found when folks started using it for several years. 

But the best thing I can tell folks is a method of how to figure something out and go step wise towards a real solution rather than making myths and speculation. That approach will never get you far and will not further the hobby.

Main things: repeatability, being able to do a controlled experiment to focus on inducing the supposed cause, it's not impossible for hobbyists to do these things. 

Most are scared of trashing their tanks or do not want to be bothered.
Many simply don't have the ability to keep controlled conditions. Estimative index alloows fairly good control over the nutrients, you can use RO and reconsitute+ do larger water changes 1-3x a week if you wanted... if you want to do it more accurately, but that is not very practical for most hobbyists and I would not suggest folks to do that.
Research, sure, but us, no. We are not going to do that and that is tough routine/$$$ to do with lkittle benefits gained for all that work.

Main item here: why haven't other folks had this problem at high K+ levels?
I've added it, I don't get the effect. My tap when I did the last test with Ammannia  was KH 3, GH 5, I added 50ppm+ 8ppm 4x during the week. 

Plants grew fast.

Tom Barr 

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