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[APD] RE: Silenx Fans -- Warning: This is a strictly fan-related post

Just fwiw:

It appears that two companies have been, and apparently
still are selling fans under the label "Silenx" and,
apparently, in each case the fans are manufactured by
others and rebranded -- which doesn't make them bad fans,

The first company is Ahanix, a 3-year old company that
makes or remakes or rebrands personal computer power
supplies using the Silenx brand


The other is Silenx


This latter company aparently was started by a former
employee of the first company:


It seems that both companies have what some might say are
unhappy things to say about the other's products while each
makes the same or similar feature claims as the other for
their own products.

The same forums site listed above has another interesting
thread here:


And in one of the threads it is reported that the forum
board blacklisted the owner of Silenx.com for using 
aliases to post to the forums about other vendors products:


And you folks thought things occassionally got dicey on APD

There are mixed reviews on various other sites. Those that
measure air flow and noise levels seem to me to say that
the publised ratings are "optimistic" as one poster put it
but that the fans are indeed among the quieter ones on the

I don't know if any of it is true, I'm only passing on the
links fwiw.


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