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[APD] RE: K+

> I'm pretty sure, because -I- put it in there, probably up to 50 
> ppm. Anyway, I stopped a few days ago and did a water change and 
> now things are perking up. Not sure if it's related.

It's not done this to any of my tanks for about 9 years now.
Many tanks, with many plant species, with many Tap water types, with many
light levels.
The odds of me NOT seeing it in these tanks over this time peroid is close
to impossible. 

Now add this whole monkery business of K+ locking Ca in aquatic plants,
there's nothing that shows that occurs.
There's some second messager stomatal issues, but this does not block
UPTAKE, this is a signaling pathway is all.
Even if concentrated hydroponic mixes, 100ppm did not hurt.
Erijk's tank had 100ppm when he took the images that won and AGA contest.

If K+ blocking occurs as you are theorizing, why did it not effects his
plants nor mine all these years but your tank for some reason?
We know we added loads but did not get the same effect.

So if you can explain how our system is not showing this but yours are with
the high K+ in and of it's self, I'd like to hear the arguement.  

> Backing off the lights from 3 to 2 WPG has been a very nice 
> change. Things are slow and steady, but I needed to recalibrate 
> all the dosing to match, K+ was the last.
> TW

I think with the changes to less light/water changes etc, other things
occured non K+ related.
If you isolated K and test just for this, you will not find the issues.

Tom Barr

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