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[APD] K+ Deficiency Symptoms - Scott?

SH: "Although 1-2 ppm is not far off from what a few seem to recommend for K. My plants get mad if I don't give them about ten times that amount."

Scott - When your plants "get mad" do they show the potassium deficiency symptoms like these:


"Potassium: Old Yellow areas, then withering of leaf edges and tips"

"Potassium: Small dead areas appear in older leaves. These can start like little pinpoints and grow. In some species, like Ceratopteris, the older leaves stay green while the little dead spots grow. The new leaves are reduced in size and leaf area, looking a bit 'singed'. In other species the older leaves can turn yellow before they die, but they do not have green persisting along the major veins as in magnesium deficiency."

The reason I ask, is that I'm pretty sure I'm way overdosed on K+ and I'm going to stop dosing for a while. I remember some recent 'haze' episodes in the water after water changes, which is when I dose ferts. I'm wondering if there is so much K+ that it is precipitating itself or other things out of the water. I'll start K2SO4 up again when -my- plants "get mad". ;-)


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