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[APD] RE: [CRYPTS] Crypt. "grandis"

(Forwareded from the crytps list)

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>From: "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>
>Subject: RE: [CRYPTS] Crypt. "grandis"
>Date: Wed,  8 Dec 2004 12:43:57 -0500 (EST)
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>At 02:12 AM 11/23/2004 +0100, Jan D. Bastmeijer wrote:
>>Interesting information on this Shirley aquatics plant from the 50's.
>>Also honours for Charlie Drew who kept this plant for so long!
>>I checked the catalogues of the firm on this plant, as far as I know
>>they issued the 'Manual of aquarium plants' in 1960 and a bigger one in
>>1967 (also translated into German). Perhaps there are earlier releases
>>(who knows?). 
>>It are remarkable books with an amazing content including drawings.
>>C. grandis is mentioned in the 1967 edition, not in the 1960 one. The
>>plant should originate from Borneo, what is not of much help. C. grandis
>>is ever described by Ridley who found the plant near Matang in Sarawak
>>(the former British Borneo). These plants are known today (life),have
>>such size and are regarded as C. cordata var. grabowskii. The type of
>>the latter however grows north of Banjarmasin in Kalimantan,the
>>Indonesian part of Borneo. Recently, more C. cordata like plants are
>>found in Kalimantan, some also with a leafblade of a man's hand size. As
>>usual in Cryptocoryne, its a complex matter. From the very South of
>>Thailand, near Narathiwat, also a C. cordata of this size is found a
>>couple of years ago. 
>>Back to your question Richard. Yes they are known but aquarium
>>experience fails. In nature these plants grow in rather acid, pH 4-5,
>>water but Charlie grows them in his way... Whenever there will be a
>>inflorescense, conserve it in a bit gin (after making a picture). Can
>>you publish a picture of Charlie's tank?
>Here's the pictures Charlie sent me this morning:


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