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Re: [APD] Funny Subject Lines

It's not that I don't sympathize with your complaint; but I
think it's more productive to resign to it than try to
fight it. Why?

Threading in the archives is more difficult than changed
subject-lines : Lots of replies merely quote the message ID
so it's very hard to reliably trace a thread by title. And
then when searching, you get multiple occurrences of some
entries in one set of results -- I don't know why that
happens but I'm sure there's a good reason for it.

Also, subjects tend to drift and tracing by title or trying
to thread only by conversation instead by subject matter
is, imo, risky business -- The recent PC topic is relevent
to at least 3 or 4 diff subject threads that I can think of
off the top of my head -- the more imginative can
undoubtedly think of more.

I think keyword searching and a modicum of diligience are
necessary when one tromps through the archive -- most
archives, not just APD. Just yesterday I was trying to find
a particular old message and could serach it down to save
my life. But I accidentally ran across searching for
something that was, for my purposes, a somewhat diff topic.

Anyway, I've never found a computer program's notion of a
thread to be very satisfactory -- well, I guess that means
they don't much match my own notion of threads.

maybe I've hit rockbottom ;-)
--- Jeffery Ludwig <jeff at rockytop_net> wrote:

> Hey gang...
> While the new trend of changing subject lines "Rocky and
> Bullwinkle" 
> style is quite amusing, it is messing up the threading on
> the archives, 
> so perhaps we could save subject line changes for when
> there's an actual 
> change in subject? I was browsing the archives, for
> instance this change 
> was okay:
> but this one didn't take:
> I think the mail program is threading based on the first
> xxx characters, 
> so some changes seem to be okay, as the archives seems to
> truncate the 
> subject lines after a point... which means more
> importantly that the 
> extra info added to the subject line isn't being indexed
> by the software 
> anyway, so adding it to help with future searches is
> probably not working.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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