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Re: [APD] Re: Power Compacts

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 13:31:05 -0800 (PST), S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:

I've seen lamp sockets presented as water-resistant but
never waterproof. Waterproof sockets will be hard to find.
But some common sense can guide one a long way.

If the pins develop any corrosion, then they are probably
getting too much moisture.

Scott H.

Arcadia sell them. They sell ballasts with IP64 (water resistant) endcaps and IP67 (waterproof) end caps. Supposedly (according to the chart below) the IP67 endcaps are more than sufficient for 'heavy seas & streaming water'.

PS I still don't recommend reaching into the tank to remove a fallen fluorescent!

The IP code:
1st Digit
Protection from Solid Objects
0 No Protection
1 Protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm
2 Protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm
3 Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5 mm
4 Protected against solid objects greater than 1.0 mm
5 Dust Protected
6 Dust Tight

2nd Digit
Protection from Moisture
0 No Protection
1 Protected against vertically dripping water
2 Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15°
3 Protected against spraying water @ up to 60° from vertical
4 Protected against splashing water from all directions
5 Protected against water jets
6 Protected against heavy seas & streaming water
7 Protected against effects of short-term immersion
8 Protected against submersion

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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