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Re: [APD] Re: Power Compacts

Another reason deposits or etching is not much of an issue
with fluorescents is that many folks change bulbs after a
year or two and you don't get a lot of deposits or etching
in that amount of time. Some of us do use PCs for longer

So the main thing with open-top tanks, is keep the lights
up high if you can, with a good focusing reflector.

Wright, if your carpet isn't growing, it's just not old
enough. Perhaps yo are replacing the carpet too often for
good growth to get established ;-)

Scott H.
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> I don't see mineral deposits as an issue in most planted
> tanks. Unless 
> you have an incredible amount of splashing, the white you
> see on most 
> cover glass is actually dissolved and redeposited glass
> components from 
> the etching by the distilled condensate (initially with
> no minerals at 
> all) on cooler parts of the glass, subsequently flowing
> to warmer places 
> and then redepositing mostly SiO2. That will never happen
> on warm tubes. 
> It cannot be scraped or cleaned off with the usual acid
> cleansers, either.
> Otherwise I agree with your conclusions and advice, and
> I, too, prefer 
> protecting the expensive illumination goodies with cheap
> sacrificial 
> glass for most tanks. [Raised high enough, the lamps are
> so high they 
> light up the room and waste precious "Einsteins" on the
> carpet (which 
> usually refuses to grow).]
> BTW, well-fitted glass keeps any redidual CO2, lost from
> the reactor, in 
> intimate contact with the water. Waste not want not.

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