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Re: [APD] Re: Power Compacts

Got rust?

If they're waterproof fittings and fixtures, sure. If not, that >90% humidity
is gonna play hell, albeit possibly eventually.

Another reason for a cover glass: it is much easier to clean mineral deposits off of a flat piece of thick glass than several round pieces of thin (and more delicate) glass.

The bulbs don't need a cover glass, and I don't think water proof fittings are a necessity either (and remember that I am a champion of electrical safety :-). The problem is that without a cover glass you'll get mineral deposits on the bulbs over time that will be difficult to clean off, and if you use non-sealed connectors then you'll get corrosion on the contacts that will eventually be a problem. I don't trust any "water proof" light socket though since none of them I've ever seen actually seal properly after they've been in use for a while.

Using a cover glass is easy and cheap, and it will protect the much more expensive bulbs and sockets, as well as making maintenance easier. I think it's worth it for these reasons alone. IMHO, ballasts should always be remote mounted anyway so that's not a concern. Those using open-top tanks will normally have their lights mounted higher above the water surface and will have less problems with mineral deposits and corrosion so the cover glass is less of an issue in that case.


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