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Re: Staggered lighting, was (Re: [APD] Amano's AGA demo)

Is there consensus on photoperiod these days? 12? 16? does
it matter?

I have not seen any quantitative data to suggest one over the other (or even a total photoperiod duration) and unfortunately it would cost quite a bit of money and room to test. To sustain the "blast" you would definately need CO2, so we're talking two high tech tanks, then you would need two identical lighting rigs, each with two ballasts (so four ballasts total) as simply using bulb wattages is a bad idea for a controlled comparison (ballast<->light interactions). You could use one setup and stagger in time but then theres substrate aging issues, maybe you could run a A B B A (not the band, the experimental design) type experiment, measuring plant dry mass starting with a certain number of plant "inches" from a fast grower...?

Then after you do all this someone on the list will claim that the benefit they are seeing is species specific, and it wasn't the one you used :) Some data would be better than none however.

Jeff Ludwig
Elkton, MD
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