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Staggered lighting, was (Re: [APD] Amano's AGA demo)

At 02:33 AM 12/7/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Somebody keep an ear open for Amano talking about running
>highlighting (MHs) for about 3 hours per day and the lesser
>amount of light from the PCs for a full daylength.
>Interesting approach that I haven't heard of many folks
>using, but sounds like a good plan, at least for slower
>growing plants.

I ask about this every 5 years on the net. So now it's
a good idea? For 20 years it's been "uh...".

Ironically I was rewiring my lights this week to only half the
fluorescents (a bank of 8 over 6 20's turned sideways) come
on for 6 hours around "noon".

Is there consensus on photoperiod these days? 12? 16? does
it matter?


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