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[APD] Re: RO/DI setup vs. CO2 setup

"Alkalinity around 80 ppm
Total hardness around 120 ppm.

The numbers are from the tank."

Fill a 'squeaky clean' glass or ceramic cup with water - soap residue will affect results. Put it in a safe place where it can sit for 24 hours, then run the tests again on pH and KH (alkalinity) and GH. That's your true starting point.

"The discus buffer has been used only once to bring the pH down to 6.8-7.0."

Yeah, but all that phosphate is still in there, and it's probably affecting your KH reading. It is a 'buffer' after all.

"What products are recommended to keep the pH down?"

None. Don't chemically alter the pH with 'products'. Once you inject CO2 a side-effect will be a lower pH, probably less than 7.0 at 20 ppm CO2.

Understand what the tables are telling you:


Noodle around at the Krib and here for more tips:



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