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[APD] RE: aquatic CP's

> > The CP people love it when I send them some.
> > The terrestrial species are not so similar though in their needs.
> > 
> > Regards, 
> > Tom Barr
> > 
> I know that most terrestrial CP species do not handle Ca well, it acts 
> like a slow poision for them, so I have been reluctant to give my 
> aquatic CPs very much Ca.
> Later,
> Bill

Would 2 inches per day of growth seem good in hard water?

The aqautic environment in streams, ponds, pools etc is much different than
the only source of water, rain, in trees.
Aquatic plants there go after wherever there is N, critters with CP's,
water column, diffusion from the soil below etc.
Transpirational pull also plays a much different role in emergent plants.
Tom Barr

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