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[APD] RE: Algae spores

You have to induce the spore to grow, it's mere presence will not induce
growth or a bloom.It's going from one environment to another.
Add some NH4/urea and light and wait.  

Tom Barr

> Subject: [APD] About them algal spores
> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Ok, I've had a tub of water sitting on top of and next to a tank
> that is bubbling away and is infested with staghorn algae. So
> far after two weeks, nada. Not a cell. 
> I took the water and bits of java ferns from an infected tank,
> sterilized it with h202 (1000 ppm), sterilized the water
> then dunped it into a small square glass femto tank I picked up
> in goodwill for a quarter.
> So say I sterilize a tank and don't add LFS water to it and
> sit and stare at it and wait for these spores to show up,
> how often do you think that would be, hmm?
> "Oh look, a smal piece of alage. Zap, h202 it and it's clean
> again till..." when? It's more than two weeks, is it less than
> how often Haily's comet comes around?
> Everybody here who is utterly positive they got algae from
> airborne spores raise your hand.

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