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[APD] Plant collecting


I'm from the US so I am not up on my Canadian import requirements.  But when I was doing a quick websearch to look for Malaysian export regulations I stumbled across this that might be useful:


It should be easier for you since I don't think anything you want is on CITES (if something is, I would suggest not bothering with it, CITES is a whole other level of hassle that probably isn't worth the effort). But you won't have a nice export kiosk waiting for you either!  I haven't collected in Malaysia yet (usually when people talk about going to Borneo they mean Malaysian Borneo), the only thing you need from them is an export permit.  I wish I could help more here, but even in the countries where I have obtained permits it is always with the help of local officials since I am usually collecting with researchers in the countries I visit.  If I find out anything more I will let you know.  But start with the Canada end of things first, as no matter where you go they will have the same requirements for you to get the plants into the country.


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