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Re: [APD] Re: RO/DI setup vs. CO2 setup

Go for LaMotte or Hach kits if you can afford it and want
to test. Want less pricey, try the SeaChem kits.

CO2 is great for plant growth, with or without high
lighting levels. You can grow plants without adding CO2,
and maintenance is lower because plant growth is slower
without added CO2. But if you want fewer algea episodes and
faster growth, think about adding CO2 before adding more
light or more anything else besides fish food.

CO2 is a good way to bring down the pH, if that is what you
are after. You an use it instead of the discus buffer,
depending on how low you want to go.

If you need soft water for your fish, RO is an easy way to
do it. But the plants generally won't mind hard water.

Good luck, good fun,
> >So, my questions are as follows:
> >1) Does a test kit go "bad?"
> >2) Would a RO/DI filter be a better purchase for the
> long-run than a CO2 
> >setup?
> >
> >Eventually, I plan to have both, but which would you
> purchase first?

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