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Re: [APD] RO/DI setup vs. CO2 setup

At 09:35 AM 12/6/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I am just setting up my first planted tank. I have a few questions about 
>which purchase would provide the best value for me and my future plants.
>The area where I live in St. Louis, MO has very hard water (high GH) 
>also the pH tends to run around 8.0. I have adjusted the pH down to 
>neutral, with SeaChem Discus Buffer. But, the water is so hard that I 
>have been able to get an accurate reading with my test kit. The vial 
>fills up before the endpoint is reached.
>So, my questions are as follows:
>1) Does a test kit go "bad?"
>2) Would a RO/DI filter be a better purchase for the long-run than a CO2 
>Eventually, I plan to have both, but which would you purchase first?


My water is on the order of 1200 ppm. It's very very hard. I don't bother
with pH or hardness and I don't have a test kit. I ignored pH and
hardness when I was a kid and had soft water I ignored it in
LA when I had hard water and I ignore it now with liquid rock.

Unless you're trying to breed Apostogrammas or something you
can safely ignore it. 

Does the discus buffer contain any phosphate?


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