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[APD] About them algal spores

Ok, I've had a tub of water sitting on top of and next to a tank
that is bubbling away and is infested with staghorn algae. So
far after two weeks, nada. Not a cell. 

I took the water and bits of java ferns from an infected tank,
sterilized it with h202 (1000 ppm), sterilized the water
then dunped it into a small square glass femto tank I picked up
in goodwill for a quarter.

So say I sterilize a tank and don't add LFS water to it and
sit and stare at it and wait for these spores to show up,
how often do you think that would be, hmm?

"Oh look, a smal piece of alage. Zap, h202 it and it's clean
again till..." when? It's more than two weeks, is it less than
how often Haily's comet comes around?

Everybody here who is utterly positive they got algae from
airborne spores raise your hand.


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