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Re: [APD] Are there any plants that absolutely cannot grow in hard water?

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
See subject line.

Aldrovanda vesiculosa is not supposed to like hard water. Utricularia spp. are supposed to take a little Ca, but not like really hard water. I have only grown Aldrovanda in very soft water (10-30 ppm KH, 0 GH) and Utricularia in water with very little Ca. Next year I may try an experiment with giving them more Ca. As long as all other conditions are ideal I expect that both Aldrovanda and Utricularia will be able to handle a little more Ca.
As for typical aquatic plants I have found that those native to soft water can grow in the "liquid rock" that come out of my tap. Although, they may well show an initial setback due to the initial change in conditions.


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