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[APD] Fafard aquatic plant soil

Anybody used this stuff?

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(nothing about fishtanks)


"How to Plant Aquatic Plants	
SOIL: All aquatic plants should be planted in a rich, clay loam or good
garden loam, provided there has not been a lot of compost, peat or sand
added, as the lighter materials will float. Most commercially bagged and
sterilized soil is not suitable for aquatic plants.The commercially bagged
soil that we recommend is Fafard Water Garden Soil. It has been tested at
our nursery and has proved to allow good development of water lilies and
aquatic plants. Granulated fertilizer, or well rotted cow or horse manure
can be added to the soil in the bottom half of the planting container. Be
aware that cow or horse manure can discolour the water and encourage algae
growth as it leaches into the water."


I have a bag of it here I'm about to try. I'm not going to bother soaking
it, it's already pretty wet in the bag. $10 bag from Connons here in


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