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[APD] Re: Algae: first principles

Both have a high ox/redox potential.

Algae prefer still water. Why is that?

Is it possible that alage is depressed by a high ox/redox?

Its not this simple, also I think Tom has some links that discredit the barely straw stuff IIRC. If this were true, running ozone on a tank would keep it algae free also direct dosing of H2O2 would help, bubbling pure O2 thru the tank, etc...

I spend some time last Christmas challenging some of these popular theories of why healthy plants == no algae (I have also found this to be generally true) but I still don't think we have an idea why other than its a little from column A and B and C and D. Thread starts somewhere around here:


I'm a professional scientist but have given up on understanding this - I chalk this one off to Zen :) You cannot understand "It", yet you can still use "It" if you become one with the plants. Throw out the test kits and meditate instead, its been more effective for me at least. The more I try to reduce this to a science the more problems I seem to have.

Jeff Ludwig
Ekton, MD
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