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[APD] I wanna go to Borneo

>See plant fest:
>You'll note that the Ghazanfarus ghorii is swimming at 3 meter depth
>foraging upon aquatic plants. 
>This species has been know to horde aquatic plants for later use.
>Riccia cainus, the balding Texan Liverwort, can also be found there.
>This will occur next year and hopefully every year here after.
>There is also a much different yet equally if not more exciting marine
>version in the Keys that same week for 2-3 days also.
>So if you wonder what you'd look like in a planted tank or in a reef tank,
>come down and see for yourself.
>Life is short, get out and see the plants.  
>There are also trips to Amazon for those with more resources.
>I am more inclined to want to go to Malayasia/Borneo/Sumatra for Crypts and
>plants I cannot get.

Sounds like fun but in the meantime anybody know anybody in Borneo that
has internet, hmm? But I'm up for an Asian Crypt trip and have a greater
propensity to do so the closer to mid winter it gets.

Seeing plants in the wild is a trip and downright etherial if
you don't expect it. Once when I was about 9 or 10 we'd gone camping
and I was in the water at the beach on the St Lawrence river. I'd
wandered outside the roped offf with buoys swimming area just
to have a look and all of a sudden the sandy bottom, in one footstep,
I was standing in the middle of an underwater garden not knowing
such things even existed. It wasn't until years later when I saw a
picture of a "Dutch" tank that I saw anything even resembling this.
Looking back I know now there was myriophylum, ludwigia, elodea,
potamogeton and a few others I couldn't name - it looked like it
had been perfectly arranged and was spotless. It's funny how these
things stay with you, but it's one of my most vivid memories.


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