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[APD] RE: weed infestations and control methods

>Why in the world isn't there more effort to inform the uninformed public.
It's amazing how many people think it's ok to let their unwanted 
>goldfish (frog, guppies, ducks) go in the local pond. I've had supposedly
environmentalist vegetarians tell me about dumping their goldfish in
>ponds. I think every pet store should have big posters informing people of
the problem and get some PSA's (Public Service Announcements) >out there. I
don't know how it is now, but back when I worked in radio, TV and radio
stations had to devote a certain percentage of air time >to PSA's. I think
it would be helpful to at least try to educate the public.


Good ideas Rhonda!
I'm making a booklet for the CDFA for weed mangers and Ag inspection folks.
It'll have an ID key in the rear pocket as well that can be updated. 

Posters would be a great idea for stores.

While local fish shops and chains are good places, nursery and pond dealers
would also be a large group to work with as would wholesalers/shippers,
many of them are already aware of the problem.

I'm working to do more in education on this issue and it will help
everyone, reduce the need or usage fro herbicides, noxious weed
infestations etc. The best place to stop these things is before it gets
into the environment and then we have to go out and try to kill and control
these darn weeds.

So having folk's help and helping them to be aware of the issue are perhaps
the 2 most effective things to preserve our environment which is a winner
for everyone. If I am agressive enough on the educational part, we could
easily cut the the number of new infestations by 50% or more without ever
causing any harm to the environment in any way.

That is a very effective non herbicidal approach!!
We cannot stop all the incoming internet weeds/pest, but if the people know
more about the weeds, then they will be more careful not to let them get

This is very similar to my approach with algae in planted tanks.

Tom Barr 


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