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[APD] Re: Potamogeton

Thomas Barr wrote:

I've done a great deal of work on toxicity of aquatic herbicides. I
recently published an article on control method for Pond Weeds(Potamogeton)
in the Noxious Times.

I have a particular interest in Potamogetons lately. I went up last summer to my favorite bass fishing lake in Washington state. I've been going fishing up there pretty much as long as I can remember. As a little girl I used to watch over the edge of the boat at all the cool plants in the water. So as an adult taking my kids up there to fish, I was also very interested in what those plants were and if they were still there. There were I believe at least 4 (maybe 5) different species of Potamogeton (red wavy leaves, green wavy leaves, grasslike, wider grasslike, and floating leaves), anachris, hornwort, Chara, and a bit of moss that I believe may be a type of Fontinalis, and lots of algae. I thought that at least some species of Potamogeton are native, so how do you find out what really belongs where it is and what has been introduced, when it's not obvious? Also I'd be very interested in more general information on native NA aquatic plant books if you know of any good ones. Here's a photo of some of the blooming Potamogeton, http://naturalaquariums.com/discus/messages/282/533.jpg



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