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[APD] Re: Potassium Test Kit at Aquarium Landscapes

"Did you see their Cryptocoryne list?"

Yeah, $150 for a plant???

LOL, I'm sure it is worth it, but not to me. My plant selection criteria is something like; Buy it, try it, and if it doesn't thrive, toss it. In all fairness, AL has some nice reasonably priced plants too, I was just struck by the price of this one crypt, a species I've never had much luck with, so that would be an expensive 'toss'.

After doing some more searching in the archives, I see that this kit has been around a while. As has the discussion of the impact of high K+ (if any). After getting the lights down to 2 WPG and N and P in line with relatively low dosing, it just seems that the dosing level suggested by Chuck Gadd's calculator has me putting in a lot more K2SO4 in relation to everything else. 2.5 teaspoons a week of K2SO4 into a 90 gallon to dose 20 ppm K per week, compared to a small pinch of KNO3 to get 5-10 ppm N and a few granules of monosodium phosphate (Discus Buffer) to get 1-2 ppm P. (Our tapwater starts out with 1 ppm P.)


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