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re: The Stella Awards (was Re: [APD] Re:my caution statement)

At the risk of driving this thread wildly off topic, I'd like to post a
correction to "Stella Awards" recently posted.  Now I'm no fan of frivolous
lawsuits, and I know just as well as anyone here that you can get all the
"justice" you can afford, but I'm afraid the whole "Stella Awards" thing
doesn't quite smell right.  For one thing, I'm from Austin TX. and I can
tell you there has been no such Kathleen Robertson case in the media here.
So, I did a little research and quickly discovered that the whole Stella
Awards thing is a well known hoax (or Internet urban legend if you want to
be more generous.  




Certainly frivolous lawsuits exist, but maybe we should contain to
discussion to verifiable facts, shall we?  :-) 


Back to lurk,





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