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[APD] Re:DANGER- A caution for anyone answering Sarahs

Scott H. asked, "What did he lose?"

Well, he did receive a little settlement money, no more than a few thousand
dollars, I think.  But he was forced into bankruptcy, again, and is being
sued by a number of people, including his lawyers.  He had to close down his
business for a number of months.  He has received a large amount of very bad
personnel and professional publicity, and it will be a long tome before he
is out of the woods, if he ever is.

I'd call those things a loss.  I wouldn't want any of them to happen to me.

A person can be sued for anything.  All it takes is a few dollars.  A "suit"
is merely the filing of some papers.  It requires no proof of anything.
Proving one's case is a different thing entirely.   Most sits are thrown out
of court without much ado.

As I said, people should not be afraid to state their opinions, as long as
they are intended to inform and not do harm.


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