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RE: [APD] Re: caution

To all:

I know Carol well enough to know that if she had any idea that this was the
group she had heard of, she would not have posted what she did on this list.
Tom, thanks for giving her references to look at. To the rest of you, having
been involved in this in a small way, I think that we should not discuss
this on this list. [Redacted]

It is not over yet and anything said here in reference to the proceedings
could put yourselves in the same position. I'm not saying whether the
original comments were right or wrong but someone took offence and went to
court. It could happen to you too. My fish club has just obtained Directors
and Officers insurance to protect ourselves from lawsuits due to errors on
our part, but that does not protect us from "slanderous" statements.

I have a Flag decal that has an American flag on it and a single line under
it that says "Freedom Isn't Free". I'm sorry to say that this s very true on
the Internet. We have to be very careful about negative statements about
people or companies simply because they may have the means to sue,
regardless of how frivolous it may seem to you. If you have unlimited funds
to defend yourselves, go for it. But, if you don't, think before you say a

My .02


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" I feel it is better to be on the safe side when
it comes to knowing about hazards.  It seems better to risk being warned
than risk not being warned at all.  I guess I will just lurk for awhile .

Hi Carol, a _better_ way than to warn of "what" to say, is to use what has
already been said:


Tom Barr

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